Updating multiple QImages on QML::Image view displays only the last one

  • I have Image qml component to display QImages. Following is the QML code for it.


    Item {
        Image {
           id: my_qimage_viewer
           anchors.fill: parent
        Connections {
            target: qimage_selector_cpp_backend
            onQImageDisplayRequested: {
                my_qimage_viewer.source = next_qimage_source
                console.log("New qimage sent for display is : " + my_qimage_viewer.source)

    What is working:
    I have a C++ class using QQuickImageProvider to supply QImages with different IDs every time.

    This technique basically works if I update single QImages on selection of some button by user. I can generate a QImage on the fly & update it on my_qimage_viewer. Also able to display multiple different images on demand from user. This proves that my technique using QQuickImageProvider is basically working.

    What is not working
    But, here is where the problem arises. when I send many QImages subsequently, like 50-60 of them all in a for loop, then it does not display all but only displays the last one sent for update !

    My objective here is to try play 50-60 QImages with some millis gap in between to make them appear like a video/animation. Is it that the Image component is not made for such kind of use? Or is it that I am doing some mistake?

    May be I should wait for each QImage to be display complete before updating the next? How can I do that if that is whats missing?

    Is there an example of an app using Image to display multiple QImages making it appear like a video or animation?

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    You for loop will block the event loop so it's not really a good idea. What about just using a QTimer with the adequate speed to trigger the update ?

  • @SGaist thanks for your attention on this.

    May be I should use an thread to run the for loop ? Then update the QImage based on some queued signal or slot ? Is there a standard example of updating multiple QImages on a QML::Image component ?

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    Something is not clear: do you have multiple Image object using the same provider that you want to update or do you have one Image component that you want too use as some sort of video widget ?

  • @SGaist I have only one Image component which I want to update with QImages consecutively. Yes basically use it like a VideoWidget. But, I figured out the reason of the issue. the for loop was blocking the main event loop as you said :-) thanks

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