CDB doesn't work

  • I have just installed QT 5.10 on my computer. I then have created a simple console application to test it. But when I try to debug it, I receive the following message. I'm using msvc2017 as a compiler. Please, help!

    alt text

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    Hi @Linkker,

    Unfortunately the error message is hardly readable.

    But I guess you are missing qtcreatorcdbext.dll. This dll has to be selected explicitely when installing Qt (this is new in 5.10). In case you have not installed it yet, you can run the Maintanance Tool again. It should reside in C:\Qt or in C:\Qt\Qt5.10.0. After starting it, choose "add components" and then the dll.

    Of course you have to install the Microsoft CDB debugger separately, it's part of the Windows SDK.

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  • @aha_1980
    Thank you!

    I'll try to add the dll using the Maintanance Tool.
    But I have another issue with the Maintanance Tool. I specified the repository as suggested here: (otherwise nothing works). But what I have now is an error message: "cannot load remote tree: package sources are not specified for this application". The message originally not in English, so sorry for bad translation.

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    @Linkker Sorry, I cannot help you with that.

    But I remember having read that installing qtcreatorcdbext.dll with the offline installer didn't work as the installer did not contain the dll.

    However, installing with the online installer did work. So in the worst case, you could try to install Qt again with the online installer and select the dll right from the start.

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