Any good ebooks or vtm for QT training? preferebly newer versions..

  • well that is all.. I prefer and use c# normally but finding something to do cross platform android/windows/linux all in one go seems to be a pain in the ass to find a decent solution so i'm back to trying QT again.. which atleast this time around with 5.10 I've gotten building for android/windows along with vs2017 ide setup to work with, after many bugs and piss poor installation setup but I guess QT will never bother to improve the installation and crossplatform toolchain setups. Without leaving users to figure out how to workaround and fix all the errors along the way.

    Problem now is seems there just isn't a whole of modern training for QT/C++ or that ugly qml language thing.

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    If you mean free with ebooks - then not any i have seen. Most cost money.
    There tons of video on youtube though.

    I'm not sure why you blame Qt for your toolchain installation woes.
    It is your responsibility as with ANY c++ framework.
    Besides, Qt company is FORBIDDEN by microsoft to include visual studio directly.
    And considering the amount of toolchains that exists, it would be impossible task to
    include prebuilt Qts for all combinations of CPU/platform and bitness.
    But i agree that cross compiling is a huge pain and many of us complete ignore it and
    just use virtual machines to build natively. Sadly doing so for android is not an option.

    Merry Christmas :)

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