Update Spline series Chart data Continuously using VXYmodelMapper in QML

  • I am using Qt chart module in QML.
    I set the model data directly by the following code.
    model: customtablemodel
    series: lineone
    xColumn: 0
    yColumn: 1
    console.log("loaded VXYModelMapper: xColumn " + mapper.xColumn + " yColumn " + mapper.yColumn)

    I need to update the model data every 5 sec and in C++ and update the graph.

    Please let me know any work around for this.

    Thanks in advance

  • https://forum.qt.io/topic/85621/qml-lineseries-with-c-vector-data/1

    It can handle very fast updates, we're talking whole series replacements in 14ms (maybe less - 14ms is way too small for me to care to tighten further) using OpenGL series and replace() calls ... I think 5s is easy to achieve - it won't be charts / QXYSeries holding you back anyhow.

  • Actually i am using QAbstractTableModel to send the model data from c++ to QML. Also column number is mentioned in the VXYModelMapper. First time the chart is updated. How can i update model data from c++ to QML every 5 sec to change the charts continuously. The data is get from the data base table.

    Please let me know

  • how can i update data model in c++ with different data, that will draw spline series graph in QML using VXY model mapper.

    It will be very helpful give some ideas about that.

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