stdlib.h: No such file or directory

  • hi , i want to develop a android app in qt . i downloaded sdk , jdk , ndk and i added successfully in the qt creator in my windows system . but when i select my android kit and run my hello world app its showing error stdlib.h : no such file or directory .

    thak you

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    Are you using the GCC toolchain (not the newer clang one)? Which Android API build level have you chosen (both in project settings and as env variable in Build Environment - ANDROID_NDK_PLATFORM)?

    It could be that you've chosen something too new or too old. Tweaking these settings might get you rolling.

    Also, make sure your kit is properly set up.

  • hi , while adding a sdk and ndk i selected the check box for automatically create a kits for android tool chain . kits and gcc compiler all created . just i selected and i build it .

    i used 7.0 ANDROID API and Latest Qt version

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    Hm, should work. Maybe another issue with SDK update, they seem to crop up frequently recently.

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