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NorwegianWoodStyle scrollbar bg texture.

  • Hi,

    I ran Styles Example in both Qt 4.8.2 and Qt 5.6.2.
    Here is the result of NorwegianWoodStyle.
    The left one is the result of Qt 4.8.2 and the right one is the result of Qt
    As you can see around red rectangle area, in Qt 5.6.2 the background of
    scrollbar is not wood texture. Is it a bug of Qt 5? Is there any workaround to
    make it look like the left one(Qt 4.8.2)?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Most likely QStyle name for it has changed or been split into more elements.
    You have to place some break points in
    drawPrimitive and drawControl
    and find out what is missing.
    Its still possible to style is so only task is to find out
    what is missing.

  • @mrjj
    The only difference was Norwaygianwood style inherits QProxyStyle in Qt 5.6.2.
    In Qt 4.8.2, it inherits QMotiffStyle which does not exists in Qt5.6.2.
    On the other hand QProxyStyle exists in Qt 4.8.2. when I put the example from Qt 5.6.2 to Qt 4.8.2, it shows the left figure. So I guess Qt 5.6.2 interprets the same code differently. So it seems that approach may not work.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Well since its still possible to style that area of the
    scrollbar it should be fixable. :)

    alt text

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