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[solved] Qt on Android (Necessitas) - working in simulator - how to get it on my phone?

  • I've got Necessitas up and running on a Windows 7 (x64) box and have gotten a basic do-nothing app up in the simulator. Now how do I deploy this thing to my phone? I can't find any documentation to this effect.

  • you need either to install local libs (but you should keep in mind that plugins will not work in this way. And yes, QML ones too) or install Ministro on your phone and install apk with your app. Depolying to device is really similar to deploying to emulator.

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    just run as normal in Necessitas Qt Creator, but with the device plugged in. Also, as Denis pointed out, you will need Ministro. Look into packaging inside Qt Creator (Project->Run config, if I remember well), as your device might require API choice other than default.

    At least, that worked on Linux, maybe Windows has some tricks up it's sleeve here :)

  • Ah - silly me! All I had to was Press F5. I was pressing "Run" before and that was launching the simulator. Thanks!

  • I can't get Qt Creator to deploy to device no matter what I try. It's getting annoying. It always starts the blasted emulator. How in the world do I deploy to devive?

    "adb devices" shows my device and "adb get-state" shows "device". I know it's working because I successfully installed my apk file using "adb install blah.apk".

    But no matter what, it just won't deploy to the device! Any ideas?

  • I had the same problem and solved it by re-installing java environment...

  • Hopefully, with Digia being committed to officially supporting Android, we will see better working android toolchain, I myself had mostly negative experiences with Necessitas under windows, I never managed to get anything running on the simulator or deploy to a device, my greatest success was the successful creation of an APK that I manually copy and install on the device.

    Official beta support for Android is expected this spring, hopefully finalized for an Autumn release.

  • Do you know anything about running Necessitas over Qt5?

  • By the way Digia didn't mention anything about android supporting so I'm wondering Does Necessitas will really merge into Qt project or it will be under KDE supporting?

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