QtOpenGL and GL Libraries conflict

  • I am trying to do an opengl example from a video on youtube. I am doing the same thing but in glEnable(GL_LIGHT0); line my qt gives error. It gives error also for GL_LIGHTING, GL_COLOR_MATERIAL. Error is; GL_LIGHT0 was not declared in this scope. Later I added #include <GL/glu.h> and program recognized this enable methods but at this time gave another error which is: conflicting decleration 'typedef double GLdouble' and other conflicting errors. How to declare these methods. In the video he does not have such an error. Thank you inadvance.

  • The problem is for adding include<QGLWidget> we need opengl library. We add this in pro file. For using glBegin, glVertex3d, glColor3f methods we need to include GL/gl.h library. But when this has been added, qt gives conflict error.

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    Which version of Qt are you using ?

    If Qt 5, then you should consider using QOpenGLWidget. In the documentation of the class here, you have the explanation on how to call standard OpenGL functions.

  • @SGaist I downloaded qt default and this is qt 5.3.2. Later I downloaded qt everywhere 5.9. I referenced both of them in the tools Option, Qt Versions tab.

  • @aysenur FYI, if you are learning glBegin and glEnd, you are learning some very outdated and deprecated functionality. A modern OpenGL "Core" Profile will no longer support that functionality.

  • @wrosecrans Thank you for your reply. What do you prefer ? I want to view stl file, I found different examples like e8johan stlviewer from github. It works on ubuntu in my computer but when I downloded it on my raspberry pi it gives conflict error. Stlviewer both uses opengl and GL libraries at the same time.

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