Access to videos/movies on IOS

  • I tried several things to get videos / movies on IOS, but I am failing.

    I can get access to the photolibrary with this code:

    Note: On iOS, if you do pass QStandardPaths::standardLocations(QStandardPaths::PicturesLocation).last() as argument to QFileDialog::setDirectory(), a native image picker dialog will be used for accessing the user's photo album. The filename returned can be loaded using QFile and related APIs. This feature was added in Qt 5.5.

    I know from swift, that I can choose between movie and pictures. Is it possible in qt too, or how would you change the video for an ios app, written in qt?

  • QStandardPaths::MoviesLocation. | 5

    Returns the directory containing the user's movies and videos. This is a generic value. If no directory specific for movie files exists, a sensible fallback for storing user documents is returned.

    seems not possible for ios devices ..

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    @QtDeveloping94 said in Access to videos/movies on IOS:

    seems not possible for ios devices ..

    What is not possible? It does not return anything?

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