Problem with process!

  • I want to close computer when i close the mainwindow,but i failed ,below is my code:

    void MainWindow::closeEvent(QCloseEvent *event)
    //    writefile();
        p=new QProcess;
        connect(p, SIGNAL(readyReadStandardOutput()), this, SLOT(onReadyReadStandardOutput()));
    //    qDebug() <<p->state();
        if (p->waitForStarted())
    //        qDebug() <<p->state();
            qDebug() <<p->readAllStandardError();
            qDebug() << "Failed to start";
    void MainWindow::begin()
        qDebug()<<"current applicationDirPath: "<<QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath();
        p->start("cmd.exe", QStringList() <<QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath()+"/shutdown.bat");
    void MainWindow::onStarted()
    void MainWindow::onReadyReadStandardOutput()
    //    qDebug() << p->readAllStandardOutput();
    void MainWindow::showerr(QProcess::ProcessError error)
    void MainWindow::showexit(int exitCode, QProcess::ExitStatus)
        emit completed();

    this is my shutdown.bat:

       shutdown -s -t 60

    below is my debug information:

    current applicationDirPath: "D:/myQt/prcsnew/release"
    exitCode 1
    "'elease' \xB2\xBB\xCA\xC7\xC4\xDA\xB2\xBF\xBB\xF2\xCD\xE2\xB2\xBF\xC3\xFC\xC1\xEE\xA3\xAC\xD2\xB2\xB2\xBB\xCA\xC7\xBF\xC9\xD4\xCB\xD0\xD0\xB5\xC4\xB3\xCC\xD0\xF2\r\n\xBB\xF2\xC5\xFA\xB4\xA6\xC0\xED\xCE\xC4\xBC\xFE\xA1\xA3\r\n"
    I want to know why the process exit 1.

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    Probably because shutdown force closes your cmd. try adding exit at the end of your .bat

  • @VRonin At first,thank you.I try as you say,but it doesn't work.

  • Hi
    Have you tried system command?

  • @lusijie

    p->start("cmd.exe", QStringList() <<QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath()+"/shutdown.bat");

    That would run cmd.exe .../shutdown.bat. But that's not the right command: you probably want either cmd.exe /c .../shutdown.bat or just plain .../shutdown.bat. (Unless you really intend cmd.exe shutdown.bat, which is probably the root of your current error, in which case as @VRonin says you'll need an exit [or maybe an exit /b %errorlevel%] at the end of your shutdown.bat.)

    Furthermore, you should be careful here about using \ rather than /. In other places Qt translates / to \ where it knows a OS path is involved. However, it cannot know that in command-line arguments to QProcess. I think you should use either one of the following:

    p->start("cmd.exe", QStringList() <<"/c"<<QDir::toNativeSeparators(QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath()+"/shutdown.bat)");

    In my code I run .bat files just as per the second case, without bothering with cmd, and QProcess::start() gets it right.

    If you have no interest in the output from the process, there's no need to use QProcess if Qt/C++ provides a system(<string>) command (I don't know if it does, my Python provides a native one).

    If you do want to view the output, it arrives from p->readAllStandardError() as a QByteArray (i.e. binary). To view it as text you need to convert it to QString(). Something like (I'm not C++) QString::QString(const QByteArray &ba). (Unless qDebug() does that implicitly for you.)


    I want to know why the process exit 1.

    Well, I don't see where the exit codes of shutdown are stated, so I don't know what exit code number you expect. You'll need to find out what it exits with under what circumstances if you want to act on the exit code.

  • @JNBarchan At first,thank you.
    I tried to fix this problem in this code before:
    p->start("cmd.exe", QStringList()<<"/c"<<QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath()+"/shutdown.bat");
    but it didn't work,it froze my windows application.
    Just now,i try the methods that you give me.
    ②p->start("cmd.exe", QStringList() <<"/c"<<QDir::toNativeSeparators(QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath()+"/shutdown.bat"));
    both of ① and ② freeze my windows application.
    Qt/C++ provides a system(<string>) command.I try to shutdown use this code:
    system("shutdown -s -t 60");
    but it doesn,t work or freeze my windows application.I try this code in another simple application,it does work!I guess that which my partial code blocks the GUI thread.
    I run my application in original code:
    p->start("cmd.exe", QStringList()<<QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath()+"/shutdown.bat");
    i convert p->readAllStandardError() to QString(),below is the information:
    "'elease' ??????????????\uE8EC?????????е????\r\n?????????????\r\n"
    but i don't know what it means.

  • @Tirupathi-Korla At first,thank you,that you mean run the shutdown.bat in cmd.exe like this:
    it does work.

  • @lusijie

    @Tirupathi-Korla At first,thank you,that you mean run the shutdown.bat in cmd.exe like this:

    I don't understand: how is the screenshot you show running your shutdown.bat?

  • @lusijie

    i convert p->readAllStandardError() to QString(),below is the information:
    "'elease' ??????????????\uE8EC?????????е????\r\n?????????????\r\n"
    but i don't know what it means.

    It means your output is not in UTF-8, hence the ? characters. Which is hardly surprising now that your screenshot shows you are in an Asian language... So you need to use the right QByteArray() to QString() converter. And/or, just possibly, wherever you are viewing this does not display Asian characters (e.g. are you in Qt Creator debug window? does that output Asian chars properly?)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @lusijie
    Try moving the code to another block. There is a signal qApp aboutToQuit() which will be called before quitting the application. Handle this signal and write the system("D:/myQt/prcsnew/release/shutdown.bat") in that slot.

    QObject :: connect( qApp, SIGNAL(aboutToQuit()),&mainwindow,SLOT(shutdown()));

    void shutdown (){system("shutdown.bat")}

  • @JNBarchan This is the result that I drag shutdown.bat into cmd.exe .
    this is the result that i press the key of enter.
    I doubleclicked the .bat file,it just pop the window like this:

  • @lusijie
    You are saying that:

    1. You have a .bat which only contains a single line of shutdown -s -t 60, nothing else, exactly that, let's be 100% clear, right?

    2. If you run it from that Command Prompt it works?

    3. If you double-click the .bat from Windows Explorer, however, it does not behave the same?

    Strange. Is your Command Prompt elevated? What if you right-click on the .bat file in Explorer and select Run as administrator instead?

    BTW, this "freezing": although it shouldn't work like that, it sounds a bit like the shutdown.bat's shutdown statement is invoking shutdown.bat again, instead of the Windows command shutdown.exe. Try either renaming your shutdown.bat to myshutdown.bat, or edit its shutdown -s -t 60 line to read shutdown.exe -s -t 60. (I'm 99% sure this is your "freezing" problem.)

  • @JNBarchan Thanks a lot!If I right-click on the .bat file in Explorer and select Run as administrator,it does work!I can sure that .bat only contains a single line of shutdown -s -t 60.
    Thank you again.I fix the problem as you say.I change my .bat file
    to shutdown.exe -s -t 60,it does work! I find that the name of file doesn't influence the result.I want to know why the code cmd.exe shutdown -s -t 60 doesn't work and how do you find it.

  • @Tirupathi-Korla Thank you a lot.As you say ,I change code like this:

    QObject :: connect( qApp, SIGNAL(aboutToQuit()),&mainwindow,SLOT(shutdown()));
    void shutdown (){system("shutdown -s -t 60")}

    It works!Thank you!

  • @lusijie

    So, in your environment, either you have to run shutdown as an Administrator, or there is some confusion over your use of the word shutdown when you don't specify either shutdown.bat or shutdown.exe, to do with which found on the PATH, at a guess. Make all your calls have either the explicit .bat or .exe as appropriate.

    If when you do run shutdown.exe successfully there is some kind of dialog thrown up asking for confirmation, maybe it's possible that it doesn't work right when run from inside an app with redirection as opposed to from a terminal/Explorer, I don't know. I doubt anyone else here will either. You'll need to do your own investigations.

  • @Tirupathi-Korla It need to change like this:

    void shutdown (){system("shutdown.exe -s -t 60")}

    The application run normally like this.

  • @lusijie

    void shutdown (){system("shutdown.exe -s -t 60")}

    That's fine if you don't need to use your shutdown.bat to do something else/additional. I presumed that since you had chosen to write a .bat file instead, you had a reason for that.... But if you're happy I'm happy :)

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