Orthographic Surface3D: Move ValueAxis3D Labels to left-hand side?

  • Using QT Data Visualization I have a square/Cartesian graph locked in Orthographic view (top down 2D). The Z-axis labels default to the right side of the grid. How can I move them to render on the left side of the graph?

    I've already implemented a custom C++ QValue3DAxisFormatter for this axis, so a C++ solution is just as convenient as a QML ValueAxis3D or Surface3D change. I've spent hours in the documentation and can't find the correct property to left align these labels.

  • Z-Axis labels workaround - Displaying labels on the right in orthographic mode is a hard-coded default. Has anyone looked at this code before or have a QT-Core patch for this?

    A workaround is to set:
    scene.activeCamera.xRotation: 0.01;

    If anyone has more information please post, I may have to extend this core QT Data Visualization code myself.


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