QWidgets, Stylesheets and Future Road Map

  • I extensively use CSS stylesheets as part of our QWidget applications, applying themes to pretty much all widgets used in the application (both Qt and custom).

    What I need to look at soon is the scaling of widgets on high and low resolution displays and one avenue I was considering was looking at the various CSS properties which could help me support this.

    I know that CSS has vmin and vmax unit type (albeit not widely supported) which scales an element relative to the viewport size but given that this is a relatively new feature, would we expect to see Qt support for this in the future?

    With that in mind, is there a road-map which anyone is aware of which would highlight any future CSS plans?

  • Hi! Better ask it on the mailing list. As this forum is mainly for users helping each other it's unlikely that a framework developer will read your post here.

  • @Wieland Thanks, I will do just that. I wasn't sure whether Qt framework developers frequented this forum.

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