Qt online installer loose connection

  • Hi,
    I have some problems with the qt online installer "qt-unified-windows-x86-3.0.2-online". It looses connection during sending my systems informations to the server.
    Error message says something about network failure.

    I need qt for visual studio 2017.

    I try to download qt with the online installer for 4 days now, without success.
    I read about the possibility to change the mirror in the online installer, but i didnt find a page where the mirrors are listed with address and port. -->can you give a link?
    I also tried an offline installer: but i only found a version for Visual Studio 2015 "qt-opensource-windows-x86-winrt-msvc2015-5.8.0". Which i tried, but it leads to the error message "No default qt version found" in Visual studio. (Yes i set the correct path to the "winrt_x86_msvc2015" folder.
    Can you help me?
    If there is a download for visual studio 2017, can you link it?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    The QtSDKRepoChooser project is likely what you are looking for.

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