readDatagram() won't return the sender's address in Qt 5.10.0

  • I'm migrating my code from Qt 5.8.0 to Qt 5.10.0. But I find my code won't work any more.

    In my situation, I send broadcast to 5 remote machines, then wait the answers (UDP) from them, and get their addresses from the UDP, so I use "readDatagram()". It works very well in Qt 5.8.0, but after migrated to Qt 5.10.0, it don't work anymore. The returned address and port both are wrong, address is empty, and "port" fixed to "1".

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    Hi @diverger,

    if you are sure that this code is working in earlier Qt versions, than you may have found a regression.

    For this (in order to get it resolved) it would be best to create a report on with at much information as possible (maybe even a small example program).

    You can than post a link to your report here.


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