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What is the right way to update from QT 5.9 to QT 5.10?

  • I have QT 5.9 installed on my Windows 10 machine. What way should I choose update from QT 5.9 to QT 5.10?

    My attempt to update QT with its Maintenance Tool failed probably because it does not have default repositories:


    should I specify some repository and update using Maintenance Tool?

    As far as I see, alternatively, I can download and run on my machine. Does this replace 5.9 with 5.10 or keeps 5.9 installed?

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    If you'd like to do "continuous updates" you should rather use the online installer. With it you can add remove older version of Qt as you want.

    The offline installers are usually used when you want to work with only on precise version of Qt.

  • @SGaist What is Maintenance Tool for? Why it does not have default repositories? How to configure it?

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    As the name suggests, it's for maintaining your Qt installation. Like I wrote before, the offline installers are meant for people working with a defined version of Qt + tooling. Use the online installer to manage several version of Qt.

  • Hi!

    I just went through this with our licensed version. I used the maintenance too. It will NOT update to 5.10. Add the 5.10 component and it will be available along side of 5.9.

    Then, when you update both 5.9 and 5.10 will update.

    If you choose to remove 5.9, just un-check the 5.9 in the "Add or remove" section.

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