'Qt Installer'-generated crossplatform installer gives me "Cannot retrieve remote tree"

  • Hi!

    I tried to pack simple cross-compiled app to installer, but when I run it I get "Cannot retrieve remote tree" error.

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
        <Title>Some Application Setup</Title>
        <Publisher>My Company</Publisher>
        <RunProgramDescription>My nice application</RunProgramDescription>
        <StartMenuDir>Some Application Entry Dir</StartMenuDir>
    $IFW/binarycreator --offline-only -t $IFW/installerbase.exe -p ../testApp -c ../test/config.xml ../testAppInstaller.exe

    It means that:

    1. I crosscompiled my app using mxe qt prebuild (https://github.com/mxe/mxe). It compiles ok. Runs ok too.
    2. I installed two versions of QtIFW - Linux and Windows. I also copied installerbase.exe to Linux QtIFW installation directory.
    3. I run the command above. ($IFW/binarycreator ....)
    4. It generated .exe-file that can be run on windows machine but after clicking "Next"-button It cannot retrieve remote tree.

    So I suppose two reasons for this behavior:

    1. QtIFW parses project tree wrong ("/"->"\" slashes in path to file) and I need to use Windows version for Windows-binaries and Linux version for Linux binaries.
    2. QtIFW parses project tree correctly (tree structure is stored using system-independent style like xml/json or any other tree representation in text) but installer configuration is wrong.

    I used this and this tutorials but threw a lot of optional keys out.

    How to fix this problem? This issue is critical for me because I want to compile for a set of OSes and pack to installers entire sources of my program using one machine (Linux+Jenkins+Crosscompilers).

  • UPD: I tried to pack Qt sample binaries and it works. So... Problem is definetely in the configuration file

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