how to disable warrning message comes from the OS system

  • when I debug sometimes a message comes in the application output section at the bottom of the qt creator some of this messages like this

    QImage::pixel: coordinate (386,8648) out of range
    or  from QFileDialog :
    selectNameFilter: Invalid parameter 'Photo (*.jpg *.jpeg *.bmp *.png)' not found in 'Photo (*.jpg *.jpeg *.png *.bmp);

    how to not see this or disable this messages from the output in debugging mode
    what I tried is to put this code in the .pro file and not work

    CONFIG      += warn_off release qt app_bundle

    Thanks in advance

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    The first one is not a debug message but a warning so you should fix that one.

    The second is not from Qt but from the OS so again, you should fix it.

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