Implement Warp7 sample as same as sample in QtWS16

  • Hi everyone

    Please help me in case below.
    I see this video on youtube which is showing that Boot2Qt is working on NXP WaRP7 with QTLite 5.8

    I 've bought WaRP7 & its LCD display but I can not make it work (display something on screen).
    Sorry for my noob question:

    • how can I made a sample exactly the same in video ?
    • I try many ways but failed, since I'm just dive in embedded only for 2 months and still don't know where to start.
      It is many thanks if anyone can figure out is there any problems with any my solutions below ?

    I tried to use Boot2Qt in Qt 5.9.2, 5.10 & build Wearable example on it.
    When I run sample, there is nothing display but only error on command line

    1st try:
    run command

    export QT_QPA_PLATFORM=linuxfb
    export QMLSCENE_DEVICE=softwarecontext

    => command line is running and show like application is running (compare with sample on raspberryPi3) but nothing display

    2nd try:

    run only /data/user/qt/wearable/wearable

    => error show:
    QStandardPaths: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set, defaulting to '/tmp/runtime-root'
    Could not open egl display
    Aborted(code dumped)

    3rd try:
    I used fsl-multimedia BSP of Yocto project to boot on my WaRP7.
    I run command "export DISPLAY=localhost:0.0" & execute application
    => There is no error.
    I try to find resolution by command "xrandr -q"
    => error: error message: Can't open display localhost:0.0

    4th try:
    I used QtLite 5.8 with Yocto build (bitbake core-image-base & core-image-sato). But no hope as well.

    Other tries: I try to use fbtft driver to drive LCD, also try to boot display via SPI and many other configuration for weeks. But display still BLACK :(

    Thank you for your reading time.

    Note: sorry if my english confuse you.

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    I'd recommend bringing this to the interest mailing list. You'll find there Qt's developers/maintainers. This forum is more user oriented.

  • Thank you SGaist.
    I thought we can discuss the problem here :)
    since I always found solutions in forum. (Look more visual)

    I 've already move the question to interest mailing list.

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    I didn't mean that the question wasn't suited for the forum but since it's based on a QtWS talk/demo, you would have more chance reaching the folks behind it on the mailing list.

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