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Want to compile QtWebEngine lib which supports WinXP

  • I’m using QT5.6 and trying to compiling QtWebEngine lib which supports Windows XP. Is that possible? Do you have any clue to realize it?

  • @Lisa2018 Hi,friend. Welcome.

    In the Qt help manual. It said

    Qt WebEngine Platform Notes

    Qt WebEngine does try to support all Supported Platforms of Qt. However, due to different requirements of Chromium this is not always possible. Known limitations are:
    Qt WebEngine currently supports only Windows, Linux, and OS X.
    On Windows, Qt WebEngine only supports Windows Vista or newer as target platform. Due to use of newer API in Chromium, Windows XP is not supported. WinRT is not supported, either.

    There more info QtWebEngine platform notes

    I also has one problem about QtWebEngine. I used mingw, it maybe i should to use msvc. but, using msvc, there are many complie error in my project.

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