media player which loads image files and displays them like video

  • Hello Everyone :) ,

    I am new to qt. I am using qt c++ for programming .

    I want to develop a media player or an image viewer which loads image files or a stack of images (in my case, medical images in tiff format) from a folder and displays them. It should have the same features of the media player like

    1. I can play all the images by clicking the play button.
      2)I can view different images in the folder or stack by just moving the scroll bar from left to right and reverse.

    i would also like to add this extra feature
    1)If i dont like an image i should be able to delete that particular image from the viewer by just clicking on the image

    How do i proceed with the implementation?

    is it possible to load image files on a media player?

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    No need for a media player.

    Looks like a QLabel combined with a QTimer might be enough for the "player" part. The viewer could be implemented using a QFileSystemModel with maybe a QSortFilterProxyModel and a QListView to only show the images from a specific folder and make some sort of time line. You can use QFileSystemModel to delete the images.

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