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Creating custom Widgets with struct/class property for use in QtDesigner

  • Hello

    After lots of trail and error i managed to create custom widgets with properties of primitive or Qt buildin types. However, i can't find any information on how to create a property of a struct or class type.
    The members or that struct/class itself are primitive or Qt types again.

    What i want is just the ability to expand the property node in Qt form designer and edit the members separately.
    Similar to how i can edit the color channels of a QColor typed property or the height and width of a QSize typed property.

    I tried to create a property class like this:

    #include <QObject>
    class CustomPropertyClass
        Q_PROPERTY(int someValue READ someValue WRITE setSomeValue)
        CustomPropertyCass(const CustomPropertyClass& s);
        ~CustomPropertyClass()  {}
        int someValue () const {return m_some_value;}
        void setSomeValue(int some_value) {m_some_value = some_value;}
        int m_some_value;

    And then adding it to the widget class:

    #include "custompropertyclass.h"
    class MyWidget: public QWidget
        Q_PROPERTY(CustomPropertyClass foo READ foo WRITE setFoo)
        CustomPropertyClass  foo() const {return m_foo;}
        void setFoo(const CustomPropertyClass &foo){m_foo = foo;}
        CustomPropertyClass   foo;

    But QtCreator will not show the property. It prints out
    The property "foo" of type (unknown) is not supported yet!

    What am i missing? Is there any working example?

    Using Qt 5.9.2, QtCreator 4.4.1

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