Failed to kill remote process: wrong pid!

  • Hello everybody,
    I've just installed 4.4.1 version of Qt Creator and cross compiled qt 5.9.2 for Raspberry B3 on a new machine following this guide.
    Everything works fine, also remote debugging, with working breakpoints.
    The only problem is when I attempt to stop my program within Qt Creator with the red square.
    I got this error:

    User requested stop. Shutting down...
    Debugging has finished
    Failed to kill remote process: Exit code is 1. stderr: bash: line 0: kill: (-6192) - No such process
    bash: line 0: kill: (6192) - No such process

    The problem is the wrong pid: as you can see at program's start, it's different!

    Checking available ports...
    Found 101 free ports
    Starting gdbserver...
    Starting gdbserver...
    Debugging starts
    Listening on port 10000
    Remote debugging from host
    Process /home/pi/gestore created; pid = 6199

    What can be my problem?

    In previous installation in other machines I've never got this problem!

    Thanks in advance.

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