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Issue with mouse input - x11vnc on Raspberry pi - Raspbian lite

  • Hi all.
    I'm trying to access my embedded Qt 5 app through VNC.

    My app can be used just with keyboard, but there's some windows of settings that I only can interate with a mouse. I can connect and use my app normally with keyboard, but I can't move mouse pointer or click in buttons.

    The app is started this way:

    ./myApp -platform linuxfb -plugin evdevmouse -plugin evdevkeyboard

    And the x11vnc:

    x11vnc -nopw -rawfb +/dev/fb0 -forever -bg -shared

    I've read some topics here in forum, and I've made some progress with this help:

    I already read something about -pipeinput UINPUT in x11vnc, but can't figure it out how to get it work.

    Can somebody give me a help?
    If I solve this issue I'll post here the steps.

  • Removing the -plugin evdevmouse -plugin evdevkeyboard, I can control the mouse cursor, but is out of sync

  • Sorry for necro-posting on an old thread but it might be useful for others. To the best of my knowledge and from past experience, VNC requires the X windows system and Raspbian Lite does not have this installed.

    Raspbian PIXEL = yes, you can VNC into it
    Raspbian LITE = no VNC since there's no X windows

    (It's possible that one of the Qt installs completely scaffolds X11 if it's not there; I wouldn't know.)

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