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Location of QScriptEngine debug symbols

  • <warning - newbie question>
    I am trying to debug some QScriptEngine code in Qt Creator on a Mac. I would like to step into some Script functions. I assume I have to setup the location for the symbols. I have QT 5.9.3 installed in ~/QT. I did include source when I installed it. Can someone tell me where I can find the source/symbols for debugging.

    much thanks

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    I assume you mean you want to step inside QScriptEngine to see what it does.
    On windows, visual studio pdb files are provided but as far as i know, on other platforms
    you would have to compiled your own debug version of Qt to step into code. ( with configure -debug xxx)
    The Qt that is shipped is in release mode and hence it cant step into it.

    Alternatively , you can use
    which is super good at browsing the code as all uses of a function is hyperlinked and it can show
    uses. Almost as good as "being there"

    alt text

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