Multiple Qt Bluetooth Low Energy servers on one device using Qt?

  • I want to expose multiple BLE services from one device using Qt (on linux), but don't know how to do it if it's even possible.

    In my specific case I want my device to be both a heart rate service (HRS) and a cycling power service (CPS).

    My testing code is very similar to the heart rate server example from Qt's documentation,, and I've tried the following two approaches:

    Using two QLowEnergyControllers from one application
    Using one QLowEnergyController, but adding two different services using bleController->addService().
    However it doesn't seems like either one is working properly, or it is just the apps I use for testing that doesn't really handles this properly. I currently use my iPhone 6s with TrainerRoad for testing, and if I just expose one of the services it works well.

    Can this be done, and if so, what is the correct way?

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