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Wrong data when reading from serial port

  • ok I use qSort similar The sort algorithm is efficient on large data sets. It operates in linear-logarithmic time, O(n log n).

    But I have one more question when I fast read serial port I get


    it's correct data buffer:


    I use this function

    data = serialPort->read(33); //read buffer

    [Edit: forked as this is a whole new topic ~~ @Wieland]

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    From the looks of it, you are receiving the same frame several times one after the other. You are reading the serial port as if it was a file but it's not. You'll be getting data when they arrive, your application might not receive a frame when it starts listening to the serial port so it's up to you to devise a way to know when you did in fact get a full frame e.g. size of data and \r being the last character.

  • I know but how I'm supposed to know when data frame is ready?

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    You know the device and the protocol. From what you wrote it looks like you need to have retrieved a frame once you have at least 33 chars which last one is \r.

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