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I need help with implementing a date picker

  • Hello, I can implement simple calendar but in my form I don't found how to insert the selected date...

    I'm using QtQuick.Localstorage, then the date have to be insert in sqlite
    Could you help me?...

    Item {
        id: input
        height: Screen.height / 2
        function insertrec() {
            var rowid = parseInt(JS2.dbInsert(dateconstructionInput.text), 10)
            if (rowid) {
                listView.model.setProperty(listView.currentIndex, "id", rowid)
            return rowid;
        function editrec(Pdateconstruction,  Prowid) {
            dateconstructionInput.text = Pdateconstruction
        function initrec() {
        function setlistview() {
            listView.model.setProperty(listView.currentIndex, "dateconstruction",
        Rectangle {
            id: rootrect
            ColumnLayout {
                id: mainLayout
                anchors.fill: parent
                anchors.leftMargin: 10
                Rectangle {
                    id: gridBox
                    Layout.fillWidth: true
                    GridLayout {
                        id: gridLayout
                        y: 60
                        rows: 10
                        flow: GridLayout.TopToBottom
                        anchors.fill: parent
                        Text {
                            text: "date de construction"
                            font.pixelSize: 22
                            rightPadding: 10
                        TextInput {
                            id: dateconstructionInput
                            font.pixelSize: 22
                            activeFocusOnPress: true
                            activeFocusOnTab: true
                            onEditingFinished: {
                                if (dateconstructionInput.text == "") {
                                    statustext.text = "Please fill in the date"

    Thanks a lot for your help!

    [Edit: fixed code layout ~~ @Wieland]

  • Hi! Your question seems pretty vague to me. Can you please clarify what's your problem exactly?

  • Hello, I need to know how in qml I can send the selected date from calendar to my dateconstruction to save it in my sqlite table

    thank you very much

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