Emitting a signal from another thread does not work

  • Hi all,

    I have Qt application, where I have multiple boost::threads running inside. I provide a std::function to each thread to callback a string to be added to my log window. In this function I only have one line emitting the LogString signal with the message as parameter.

    Somehow this does not work. It simply doesn't fire.

    My setup of the signal is this:

    connect(this, SIGNAL(SignalLogString(std::string)), this, SLOT(LogString(std::string)), Qt::QueuedConnection);

    And the function that I provide to my threads is this:

    auto funcSignalLog = [&](std::string str)
    	emit this->SignalLogString(str); 

    The above does not result in the LogString method in the main app to be called. However if I comment in the


    It does but results in an exception every now and when, I guess since it's called directly from a different thread.

    Can any one shed light into how this can be resolved?

    Best regards,

  • @panch
    Are std::strings acceptable to be passed across threads safely? Does your calling function allow the std:string to go out of scope? Are you supposed to use either native C++ char [] or even QString for this?

  • @panch

        auto goSlot = [=](){
            emit mySignal((std::string)("nni"));
        connect(ui->pushButton, &QPushButton::clicked, [=](){
        connect(this, &MainWindow::mySignal, this, &MainWindow::mySlot);
        void MainWindow::mySlot(std::string arg)
            qDebug() << QString::fromStdString(arg);
        void mySignal(std::string);
    private slots:
        void mySlot(std::string arg);

    Its work fine.. I have Qt 5.5

  • I tried to replace the Signal and slot with QString instead of std::string - and it worked!
    So somehow this doesn't work in threads, but aparrently it does when used in the GUI thread as stated above?

    Thanks anyway!

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