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Threading concerns with videoSurface->present and the QVideoFrame buffer?

  • Assume the following:

    unsigned char* data = NULL;
    int size = 0;
    encoder_sample_buffer_get_data(sampleBufferMap, &data, &size);
    if(size > 0) {
        QVideoFrame frame = QVideoFrame(new QMemoryVideoBuffer(reinterpret_cast<char*>(data), currentFormat.frameWidth()),
    encoder_sample_buffer_unmap(sampleBuffer, sampleBufferMap);

    Am I safe here? I am calling "present", and the immediately releasing the buffer. Am I sure that the render thread will have a valid reference?

    What is the approach here? Subclass QAbstractVideoBuffer that handles the ref/unref internally?

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    From a quick look at the sources, QMemoryVideoBuffer uses a QByteArray internally and the QByteArray constructor taking a char * array makes a deep copy. However, you should create it yourself and pass the size of your buffer otherwise the constructor will assume that it is a null terminated string which is not your case.

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