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QWSServer::sendKeyEvent equivalent in Qt5

  • I am porting some old Qt4.8 code to Qt5.6. I am not Qt expert but QWS server support is removed from the latest Qt5 core.

    In my old code I have areas where it talks to QWSServer to send key events. See below:

    QWSServer::sendKeyEvent(Unicode, KeyCode, Qt::NoModifier, true, false); QWSServer::sendKeyEvent(Unicode, KeyCode, Qt::NoModifier, false, false);

    I had a look at QWSServer code that calls the sendKeyEvent method, and I can see that it generates an event to window focused.

    Does anyone have a quick answer how to replace the above methods of QWSServer sendKeyEvent with a standard Qt5 method.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What did you use that sendKeyEvent for ?
    Where was it called from ?

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