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qml TableView and group of columns

  • Is there an easy way to have grouped columns?
    Let's say there is a item like that (item in c++ w/o proper interface and property setting, just for example):

    class Item {
        QGeoCoordinate cord;
        QString name;

    Now I want to have a TableView with headers like that:

    name |       position        |
         |  lon  |  lat  |  alt  |
    pos 1|  21.1 |  21.1 |  21.1 |
    pos 2|  21.1 |  21.1 |  21.1 |
    pos 3|  21.1 |  21.1 |  21.1 |

    Is this doable (in a "clean" way) with TableView? I know I can create my own header and create roles for each coordinate part but I don't see how can I create this "group" of headers in a "clean" way (w/o hacking a lot).