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I have dimension companent problem on my phone

  • @Xander84 said in Qt on Android layouts all wrong:

    QScreen *screen = qApp->primaryScreen();
    m_dipScaleFactor = screen->physicalDotsPerInch() / screen->devicePixelRatio() / m_dipNorm;

    I have dimension companent problem on my phone ,small objects.Could you explain better how I can solve this problem.I am new at Qt. Thanks.

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    Well, bump your scale factor. Or use QtQuick.Controls 2, which have DPI scaling fixed and done automatically.

    Also, see the docs: link. That method is known to report dubious values on Android.

  • Okay ,but Can I use with C++ together.both C++ and QtQuick .Also How can I use Qtquick ,could you offer a source for this

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    Sure, you can use QML and C++ together. That's the point, actually ;-) To keep logic in C++ and UI in QML.

    But now that you've asked that question, I am confused. Is your application built using QtWidgets module? Or are you building something fresh from scratch? If you're doing something new, it is a good idea to start with QtQuick, sure. If you already have an app written with widgets, it may be an overkill to try and rewrite it - then it would be better to just tweak your scale factor on Android and hope for the best.

  • I couldn't excatly understand ,what you mean,but I am gonna try to tell you my work.I choosed application selection -> Qt Widgets Application then -> next and-> Android for armeabi-v7a then my projects is opened.Base Class is choosed as QMainWindow.All I did is this and some forum application.

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    Widget applications are not very well suited for mobile platforms. You'll be better of starting a new project "Qt Quick application".

    Also, to make the learning curve more enjoyable, I recommend reading

  • Thanks informations,
    Last question(I think last question :) .When I created a button in Qt Quick ,then can I program it with C++ ,and other companents.Because I like using C++ and I would like to use mostly C++

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    @ZekDe yes, you can.
    It is described in the link @sierdzio posted:

  • Okay now ,I did it with C++ using like this

    int h = screenGeometry.height();
    int w = screenGeometry.width();
    int hh = (3*h/sf1) + h/sf_title + h/sf_bluetooth;
    hh = h - hh;
    //qreal qrlX = screen->physicalDotsPerInchX(); // tek eksende alma yeterli
    //qreal qrlY = screen->physicalDotsPerInchY();

    /// \brief labelTitle
    QFont fontTitle("Courier", round(h/87), QFont::Bold);
    ui->labelTitle->setStyleSheet(QStringLiteral("color: #0095d6"));

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