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Modify hit box of QRadioButton (SE_RadioButtonClickRect)

  • Hi all,

    currently I'm struggling with the following task: I want slightly increase the hit box around the QRadioButton. (The area where you can activate the button.)

    The "hit box" has several rules to fullfil in QRadioButton::mouseMoveEvent like underMouse or hitButton. The ClickRect is filled in QStyleOption::initFrom aka init by using widget->rect(). Qt doc says in QWidget::rect():
    The rect property equals QRect(0, 0, width(), height()).
    Means that I only need to call for example setMinimumSize, setGeometry or resize to increase it, but for me it doesn't work (from Qt4.7.X up to Qt5.X).

    I also derived QRadioButton and adjusted minimumSizeHint and sizeHint which doesn't had any impact towards the hit box.

    Any ideas?

    Kind regards,

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    Can you show your code ? Without it it's pretty much "Crystal Ball Debugging".

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    One way is

    #include <QProxyStyle>
    class MyStyle : public QProxyStyle {
      virtual QRect subElementRect(SubElement subElement, const QStyleOption*opt , const QWidget* widget) const override {
        if ( subElement == SE_RadioButtonClickRect && widget)
          return widget->rect();
          return QProxyStyle::subElementRect( subElement,opt,widget) ;
    ui->radioButton->setStyle( new MyStyle );

    alt text

  • Hi,

    @SGaist yeah, it's kinda crystal ball, but at least I had no code which could provide more information than given above. ^^

    @mrjj You nailed it. That thing solved the topic in a very smooth way. thumbs.up

    Kind regards,

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