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ActiveQt (QAxFactory) combination of exe and dll files

  • Hey@everybody,

    I've play around with ActiveQt. I'm using cmake and not qmake, but i was able to create the idl/tlb files correctly. When i use three simple classes (Document, DocumentList, Application) in a exe (all 3 classes are compiled in the exe), everthings works as expected (i want the outproc server), i use -regserver from my exe and i can use it with every com client (i use C# in my case).
    But now I'm a little bit confused how to register all my ActiveQt classes from my other dll's. I want that my ActiveQt classes are in a seperated dll, but I'm not sure how i can run a my COM-Exe with the classes from my other dll's. I have a tlb for one of my dll and a tlb for my exe, but they don't match.
    Must all my ActiveQt class must be defined in the exe (which would be a mess)?

    Can anybody help me with my conceptual confusion?

    Thanks in advance

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