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QtHtml5Script anyone?

  • I wrote some JavaScript demos that emulate the QWidget hierarchy in html5.

    You can see a demo of it at

    It's part "v3c-storyboad" (I couldn't call it "storyboard" because of a name clash).
    It's in Sourceforge, and I think it's ready to leave the nest.

    I think it's entirely possible that a QtWebkit browser with suitable plugins could step in
    and provide a real QWidget hierarchy, but other browsers could use the JavaScript
    implementation like in the demo.

  • I created a project in SourceForge called QtJs.
    I've got other projects there so it seemed like the natural thing to do.

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    seems nice. Demo works well on Chrome 15/ Linux. Would be nice to see sources on SF or gitorious, but as I gather from SF page, they are coming. I can see events and signals/ slots working fine, too. Good job!

  • I just updated the projects description.
    v3c-storyboard is a SourceForge project with a "git" repo - you can get the sources now.

    I'll clone/split the repo soon - I've got a tricky bug in the next release and I'll add another test to solve it, called "sandbox-test".

    It will demonstrate how to debug mouse events even though you're using a JavaScript debugger.

  • The "pixel-test" demo allows you to try out any of the widgets used in the other tests as well as most of the canvas methods.

    Just fill in the draw() function with your ideas, and you can roll the canvas operations forward and backward.

    The sandbox test will do this for keyboard + mouse events.

  • The git repo plus a new version 0.10-02 is available in SourceForge

    Contributors welcome!

    I decided to just get it out there as the changes I'm working on are quite involved, but the result will be that the tests will start to look a lot like the QtScript demos.

  • I started a new thread called qtjs.

    Since that's the name of the project, I thought it'd make sense to have a thread with the same name.

  • good :)

    1)- Do you have any plan to add LGPL licence to your project to allow commercial closed source (don't know if it's necessary because it's a web client side ?)

    2)- Is there any interest in working with this project :
    you can see thread "[Qt5-feedback] Web service functionality in Qt5" on Qt5-feedback mailing list ... It would be so good to have qml on the client side, and a bridge to qt on the server side :)

  • For the server side, the the QtScript generator would be all you need.

    but it needs some work as not all the examples worked for me.

    I thought that if I wanted to include the QtScript generator examples then it would have to be GPL as well.

    I sent an email about this issue to Nokia and am awaiting feedback.

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