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BoundsChecker and Qt Plugin issues in VC++ on Windows

  • I have the MicroFocus BoundsChecker for VC++ installed, and it crashes every time I try to do Performance Analysis on a -QT- Qt Plugin library we have built.

    A search of the internet (see snippet below) suggests that there are configuration settings and/or CFLAGS settings I can do, but I have had no luck playing with them.

    Does anybody else have any suggestions on how I configure -QT- Qt and/or VC++ and/or BoundsChecker to play nice together for plugins??? The MicroFocus support has been AWFUL!!!

    // This is a snippet from showing a possible clue...

    // This option is added for plugins when Qt is configured for Boundschecker,
    // since we want Boundschecker to not instrument the qt_plugin_query_verification_data
    // function, as we call that function without the plugin's dependent DLLs, thus
    // Boundscheckers instrumentation will fail. The function only returns a const char *,
    // so no instrumentation is really needed on that function anyways.

    QMAKE_CFLAGS += /nmignore::qt_plugin_query_verification_data
    QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += /nmignore:

  • Are you using qmake?
    In that case you can just try to use
    as mentioned in the file you linked. If you don't just pass "/nmignore:*:qt_plugin_query_verification_data" to the compiler.

  • No, I'm not using QMake. I am compiling/linking directly through the QT-for-VC++ Add-in, and I see no where in the options to alter the config settings.

    Surely I don't have to re-install the QT Add-in with new configuration settings!

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