Interface qtgui freeze and exception

  • Hi,

    I'm experiencing some problems with my embedded application. After some minutes of working, i see a freeze of interface, even if the application is still running. If a try to press buttons or checkboxes an access violation message appears

    Exception 'Access Violation' (14): Thread-Id=05d80002(pth=8af6109c), Proc-Id=04a90002(pprc=91431714) 'nmb3.exe', VM-active=04a90002(pprc=91431714) 'nmb3.exe'
    PC=407ea307(qtgui4.dll+0x0005a307) RA=40d6c82c(qtgui4.dll+0x005dc82c) SP=01c1b928, BVA=00000004

    The exception is related to qtgui4.dll. I checked if a saturation of virtual memory occurs, but this is not the problem that causes the freeze.
    Any idea?

    Thank you

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    Compile and run a debug build, and post the stack stack trace here.
    qtgui4.dll+0x005dc82c means nothing to me, everything can be at that address.

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