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How to display a (simple) web page without havin to add a lot of DLL?

  • Hi,
    In my application I have to display a particular web page (a poll page about the application). This page will be very simple. It will be just a form with fixed image (basic HMTL content). Currently I'm displaying it by using a QWebEngineView. But, this means to add a lot of DLL (QML, positioning, WebChannel, ...) that are totally useless.

    Does it exist a way to reduce this list of DLL to only the meaningful ones?

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    QWebEngineView is a widget, it does not need QML DLLs. It requires QtWidgets + QtWebEngineWidgets

    If you want to go really simple (and your HTML is really basic), you can try QTextBrowser - then you will only depend on QtWidgets module (and QtCore + QtGui as always, of course).

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