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Qt IFW silentUpdate fails in Windows when the application is running

  • Qt IFW silentUpdate fails in Windows 7 when the application is already running with the error

    Unable to update components. Please stop these processes..

    Updating from GUI of the maintenancetool will be successful even when the application is running.

    Apparently the silentUpdate mode misses something that the GUI mode has.

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    What version of QtIFW are you using ?

    Can you provide a minimal compilable example that shows the behaviour ?

  • IFW Version Info

    IFW Version: 3.0.1, built with Qt 5.9.0.
    Build date: Sep 14 2017
    Installer Framework SHA1: a1f5686

    The problem is reproducible in every way possible.

    I have uploaded the sample which can be downloaded from

    Steps to reproduce the bug

    • Create an online only installer
    • Create the repository (of packages) accessible from localhost
    • Install
    • Run the installed app.exe and leave it running. The titlebar will display "Version 1"
    • Create the repository (of packages_update) accessible from localhost
    • When app.exe is running, run maintainancetool -v --silentUpdate


    Unable to update components. Please stop these processes.. <path>/app.exe

    Proper Working from the GUI mode

    • Do all the above steps except running the maintainancetool -v --silentUpdate
    • Instead run the maintainancetool.exe manually by double clicking from the Explorer
    • Install the updates when app.exe is already running.

    The update is successful even when app.exe is running without affecting it ( like in linux). Newer instances of app.exe will run the newly installed update showing "Version 2" in the title-bar. This is the intended result.

    Somehow the "maintainancetool -v --silentUpdate" fails to deliver what the GUI mode delivers.

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    Nice !

    Did you already check the bug report system to see if it's something known ? If not, please consider opening a new report providing your example and these great instructions.

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