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How to contact a server url and retrieve the answer is a string

  • I want to contact a server via http and it returns me a string

    How can I do that?

  • Firefox, IE, Chrome & Safari
    Or you can try to search http in Qassistant --> QHttp

  • I want to take a url like http://nom_machine/pppp.php?code1=valeur1&code2=valeur2
    Once I do that I receive a page with content true or false. That's what I want to get content.

    And if I do this:
    @QNetworkAccessManager manager (this);

    QNetworkRequest request ("http://nom_machine/pppp.php?code1=valeur1&code2=valeur2");
    QNetworkReply * reply = manager.get (request);

    reply-> readAll ();@

    Will reply-> readAll () returns "true" or "false" value that is displayed on the page?

  • Yes but QNAM is asynchronous, so you'll have to use signals/slots (have a look at the examples).

  • Just for the records: QHttp is obsolete. Do not use it in new code - use QNAM instead.

    The code you've posted is a good start. As soon as the request has been finished the finished() signal is emitted and can be used to process the request.

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