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No full screen display for iPhone X

  • Hello,

    I am having issues enabling full screen display for iPhone X, we are using Qt 5.8.

    The "Update Apps for iPhone X" article indicates that full screen display is enabled as soon as an app is built using iOS 11 SDK with a Launch storyboard (using UILaunchStoryboardName plist key). I respect those conditions and yet, no luck. I was able to get it to work messing around with Launch Images but that's not the recommended way.

    Link to small sample projects (Qt 5.8 and Xcode:!ArBd3FsWAwUBnF1jW25-s1D02xbe)

    Thanks in advance

  • Well, that was weird.
    For some reason, I needed to set a symlink named iPhoneOS10.3.sdk to iPhoneOS.sdk (iOS SDK 11.1) for Qt Creator to build and somehow that caused some undesired behaviours in Xcode even though iOS SDK 11.1 showed up just fine in it.

    When I removed the symlink, Qt Creator continued to build fine and full screen display was working with Launch storyboard.

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