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Problem with openGL on my old computer

  • Hi!

    I've found out that none of Qt 5.9.2 openGL examples works properly on my old notebook - Thinkpad t60p with ATI FireGL V5250, Windows 7 64bit. Here is just a raster captured under the application main window instead of scene content. I've tried all gl-examples - from legacy to QML. Result is the same.
    Contextinfo example shows that ATI driver support openGL 2.1.
    Qt3 examples show openGL scenes absolutely correctly.
    What may be the matter? It's a very important question for me because many of our clients still use old hardware.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What exact problem do you have ?

    Do you mean Qt 5.3 ?

  • @SGaist
    I use Qt 5.9.2.
    The problem is that any opengl scene isn't visible where it should be. Instead scene I see a captured part of the desktop under an application window - part of Qt Creator text editor window for example.
    I'm not sure but I haven't noticed this effect in early 5.x. I check 5.6 tomorrow.

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