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small Client - Host Application

  • Hello,

    I want to create a little Application only using a QTable and some buttons do insert stuff. I want to have a host and some clients that have access. The host should be able to change data in the table and have full access on everything , the client can only see the table.

    All in all its not complex and just simple.

    The Question i have refers to the connection between host and client. I need the application on my computer to put data into the table and then i need my client to have the application on his computer aswell and he has to see the data. Are there any examples on how to do that? Where can i start reading into that?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Hi and welcome
    Sounds like you want to sent data so network classes seem like a good start

    How much data are we talking about ?

    Also if you plan to do this over the internet, there are more issues than on local lan.

  • its not a lot of data just one table and some informations its about stocks, it will be just a table about how much everyone invested and how much we invested in which stocks, we are around 30 people

    what is the best method to sent the data with less issues?

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    So there be a master data holder and 30 people that will want to read the data?

    Why not use a web server and a browser?

    If you plan on running your own app behind a router , you will need to open port and more to
    allow for other to read.
    Normally routers allow http and hence a webserver will be very easy to get working with multiple clients.

    What platform are you on ?

  • @mrjj

    yes you got that correct with the master and the 30 people who wants to read the data.

    I have no knowledge bout web server and browser, what do i need for that, is that for free? It does not have to be my own app.

    Does it mean to create a website? I would like to have a password then, I don't want anyone else to see it then instead of these people.

    The thing is i am in my Uni network ( I live right next to my uni) so i can't open any ports which will be a problem with Qt and network right?

    I am on Windows 7.

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    Well the amount of work to make such client & server system with Qt will be a lot.
    Yes there will be issues with ports if u are behind firewall.
    Also its hard to make safe from hackers at a home system.

    You can get a webserver for free

    But then your pc must always be on. So i would just find a good hosting site and
    just have it online?

    PHP is not hard to learn but there are many other technology you can use.
    Some even have a pretty good site builder and you can likely make much of it without code.
    Having password is not a problem.

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    Just a note
    I am not sure what the app must do for the clients but you could also just use
    google and share a file there to others. you can directly share a spread sheet and
    disallow editing. so all can read and u can alter.

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    From the looks of it, it seems that you could also make use of the cutelyst project.

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