How can help Qt to be more popular and money-magnetic (like Html 5 and JS) ?

  • I received an email from Qt tonight --" Qt vs Html 5 ". I red the full version of article from Qt website. Eh, What should I say?

    Using Qt, C++ programming can be much more comfortable . As my point of view, without Qt C++ would have being eliminated from modern backbone programming languages. Qt worth the money, and It should grow more robust and popular .In China, my hometown, Qt is also very popular. I saw many Chinese students learn C++ and Qt in college. But at the same time, I saw few small companies (or studio) were willing to pay for a commercial version. However,that's not all their fault.

    First, Qt is treated as a classical C++ framework and Qml is not as popular as Html 5 and JS. I think the future is not optimistic even if more advertising is taken in future. C / C++ and Qt is marked as "heavy-industry " , which produce means of production like Octave-GUI, Virtual Box, WPS, VLC player . By contrast Html5 and JS is marked as "light industry", which produce consumer goods like Blog and chat systems. QML is embarrassing for both of them . This is a big problem. Switch to QML need more effort from the beginning: At middle school and college, publish a lot of GAME code with full function (Database, GeoService) to demo how it works.

    Second, Qt need a “Localized Sales Service” both for individual developers and large comps in China . With WeChat payment or Alipay , individual developers can donate Qt or buy your service with out a VISA. You known, few developers in china have a VISA card( eh, or may be kept in their wife's handbag (-: ) but every one have at least one mobile phone. Put a QR-code in Qt front page for donate with Alipay/Wechat, setup a public Wechat account to sell weekly magazines and publish tech articles. For large comps, a local bank account and a tax account is good for payment.

    Third, C++/Qt need an "Easy-Update" system(or module) for both developers and end-users. A project could be frozen to some special old version and compiler version due to binary-compatibility. Maybe a package manager should be involved. Beyond an "Easy-Update" system, Qt can run a App-store or something similar. Develops can publish third-party widgets and receive a reward from others when their works were amazing.

    Being a Qt-fan like me, technique factor is important. For generic developers, IT'S NOT! QML is only another solution with less examples, less Books, less source code resource than Html/Html5 , and "My school teach JS, I do not want to pay extra time . I want a click-copy-paste programming with forum and sixpenny code repository website." "Html5 need more memory and CPU? OK, tell my boss we need more memory and CPU, boss is always stupid and I'm smart."

    Someone else have an idea ?

  • Another words, few computers have a modern video card in my classroom, qml will not work correctly. With chrome or firefox, html5 can still partly work. Qml is designed for devices, but will be learned in a PC!

  • @goldenhawking I find that, in the JS community, there is a trend to render whole app with canvas to improve the performance, which has already been done by QML . So if we port the QtCanvas version of QML engine to some framework with HTML5 canvas, say nodejs, we will get the benefit of both robust of QML and the easy deploying way provided by HTML5.
    And we can also implement a plugin of chrome/firefox to render QML over net, however that requires QML supporting full feature of loading over net, just as I have mentioned in thread:, there are still some issue to resolve.

  • @astreye Maybe you like this:

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  • Oh! These days I'm learning python together with my students, and find PyQt5 is very cool!

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    @goldenhawking Python, is one of the few languages I hate using.
    But back in the day, it forced me into a cleaner more readable coding style. So, I advice anyone to at least try it, it helps even years later :-P

  • @J.Hilk said in How can help Qt to be more popular and money-magnetic (like Html 5 and JS) ?:


    Yes! The indent behavior is very strange !

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