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Can't link to 'QtDream Core C++ Classes'

  • I am making a custom Qt module. And when it is mature, I begin to write documentation to it. I am using QDoc to generate documentation. But when using it to generate, there are many warnings, including this:

    /Users/jiangcaiyang/QtProject/qtdream/src/core/downloader.cpp:12: 警告: Can't link to 'QtDream Core C++ Classes'

    The class document definition shows:

        \class Downloader
        \brief Downloader类是用来快速下载的。
        \inmodule QtDreamCore
        \ingroup network
        \since 3.2

    And the qdocconf file shows:

    project                 = QtDreamCore
    description             = QtDream Core Reference Documentation
    version                 = 3.3
    depends     += qtcore qtqml qtdoc qmake
    headerdirs  += ..
    sourcedirs  += ..
    imagedirs   += image
    examplesinstallpath = qtdreamcore
    Cpp.ignoretokens         += CORE_EXPORT
    navigation.landingpage    = "QtDreamCore"
    navigation.qmltypespage   = "QtDream Core QML Types"
    navigation.cppclassespage = "QtDream Core C++ Classes"
    sourceencoding = UTF-8
    outputencoding = UTF-8
    naturallanguage = zh-Hans
    qhp.projects            = QtDreamCore
    qhp.QtDreamCore.file                    = qtdreamcore.qhp
    qhp.QtDreamCore.namespace               = com.qtdream.qtdreamcore.3.3
    qhp.QtDreamCore.virtualFolder           = qtdreamcore
    qhp.QtDreamCore.indexTitle              = QtDream Core
    qhp.QtDreamCore.indexRoot               =
    qhp.QtDreamCore.filterAttributes   = qtdreamcore 3.3 qtrefdoc = QtDreamCore 3.3
    qhp.QtDreamCore.customFilters.Qt.filterAttributes = qtdreamcore 3.3
    qhp.QtDreamCore.subprojects                       = classes examples
    qhp.QtDreamCore.subprojects.classes.title         = C++ Classes
    qhp.QtDreamCore.subprojects.classes.indexTitle    = QtDream Core C++ Classes
    qhp.QtDreamCore.subprojects.classes.selectors     = class fake:headerfile
    qhp.QtDreamCore.subprojects.classes.sortPages     = true
    qhp.QtDreamCore.subprojects.examples.title        = Examples
    qhp.QtDreamCore.subprojects.examples.indexTitle   = QtDream Core Examples
    qhp.QtDreamCore.subprojects.examples.selectors    = fake:example
    qhp.QtDreamCore.subprojects.examples.sortPages    = true
    tagfile                 = ../../../doc/qtdreamcore/qtdreamcore.tags

    I want to know how to resolve the problem. Thanks in advance.

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    The file seems good. Is the project accessible somewhere to test the documentation generation ?

  • I've found the reason, it is because I do not put qtdreamcore-cpp.qdoc in /doc/src folder.

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    Glad you found out and thanks for sharing !

    Please mark the thread as solved using the "Topic Tools" button so that other forum users may know a solution has been found :-)

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