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Qt ver not showing up?

  • Hi, I've encountered a problem when launching Qt (Side note, Ive tried reinstalling and installing again, installing different versions and all that jazz)

    When I look at my kits there is none available, naturally I went to try to fix it, this is what I currently see.

    with that being said, there are no Qt Versions available (as can be seen here
    I've started studying Qt already yet I can't make projects beacuse of this, any help?

  • Hi! You're on Windows 10 and want to use MinGW, right? How did you install Qt? Did you use the online installer?

  • Yes, Yes *I already have MinGW installed tho and used it and yes via the online installer

  • To get things up and running, start MaintainanceTool.exe, click "Add or remove component". Then select the following components for installation:

    • Qt / Qt 5.9.2 / MinGW 5.3.0 32 bit
    • Tools / Qt Creator 4.4.1
    • Tools / MinGW 5.3.0

  • Do I have to use maintainance tool? problem is Ive got an SSD 100gb that I only use for windows and thus I don't have enough temp space. Could I use the main installer?

  • @Archy

    My personal recommendation out of my experience is to use the MaintenanceTool for the installation including the compiler. Typically you are avoiding a lot of trouble.

    However, you may have probably about 6 GB on your ssd when installing there. May be you have another decent harddisk.

  • Basically Ive got 2GB on my SSD and 2 other harddisks (2tb ea) one is filled the other is completly clean so I installed it on the completly clean one but I can't use the maintainancetool beacuse my SSD doesn't have space for temporary files.

    Thats my problem :/

    Edit: found a way to clear space I'll update when its done! ^^

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