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Cursor monitoring object

  • Hi Gurus,

    A quick question.
    Is it possible to create an object, which monitors the cursor on the system (eg.Windows platform) and fires mouseMoveEvent(this can be a signal) when needed?
    Should it be a QWidget, which can be invisible and track global position of the cursor?
    Please help as I'm not familiar with this kind of implementation. :<

    Thanks in advance for your update.

  • @ShinSat
    Excuse me if I don't understand/am mistaken, but once you have a Qt application running mouseMoveEvent signals are fired (by Qt infrastructure) when the mouse is moved, so what do you mean about "monitoring and firing"?

  • Thanks for an update and sorry for vague explanation.

    Let me explain further.
    Please forget about my previous explanation.

    I want to create Drag&Drop capability between widgets where each widget is on different QMainWindow.
    When I create a QDrag object and execute it as MoveAction, mouseMoveEvent is NOT fired and it results in that I can't move the source widget.
    Is there any way to get mouseMoveEvent while QDrag MoveAction opareted?


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    @ShinSat not possible with Qt alone. You'll need platform specific functions and libaries. for Windows you can take a look at this entry.

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