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StackView transition only working once

  • I've got a stackView that I'm pushing three items onto.

    The stackview has a standard fade transition:

    popEnter: Transition {
                NumberAnimation { property: "opacity"; to: 1.0; duration: 5000 }
            popExit: Transition {
                NumberAnimation { property: "opacity"; to: 0.0; duration: 5000 }

    When I pop items off the stack, I'm only seeing the transition when I'm popping the last item off the stack (back to the stack's initialItem). The other screens appear immediately, but they seem to be disabled for the 5000 ms that the fade should happen during. Since the new screens aren't sliding in (the default behavior), I think the transition is happening, but for some reason isn't seen...

    Any ideas?

  • Ah, I think I found the bug...

    If I load my pages in an array, then the transitions don't fire.

    theStack.push([firstPage,{immediate:true}, secondPage, {immediate:true},thirdPage, {immediate:true}])

    If I load my pages one by one, the transitions work

            theStack.push(secondPage, {immediate:true})

    This seems like a Qt error....

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