QWebSocket and Windows 7 support

  • I use QWebSocket(client) in my application. It works fine for me on Windows 10, but for people with Windows 7 it doesn't. Is this the known issue?

    Qt 5.7.1

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    Not that i have seen but can also be related
    to what version of browser you are using.
    Also windows 7 should have all service packs installed.

    There is no error shown like UnfinishedSocketOperationErr
    or any other hint in what way "its not working" ?

    You can search https://bugreports.qt.io too see if such issue was reported.

    If possible, also try build it with 5.9. It might just be a bug that was fixed later.

  • @mrjj Is the version of browser relevant? Does the code of QWebSocket make any use of system's browser? I just use sockets in my widgets app, doesn't it just use ws2_32/WinSock functions internally? I couldn't find any bug on bugreports.

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    I just saw posts on SO suggesting upgrading browser help.
    That was on a 2008 server but if it was directly related to the browser, it was

    Would you say this sample resembles your use ?

  • @mrjj I would have to compile it and send to a friend who's on windows 7. I will let you know if upgrading the browser works and if the sample works.

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    Ok super. if sample is close to your use i
    was contemplating to try on my win 7 virtual machine to see.

    Also as a note, you can download win 7 and run it a virtual machine
    to test. there is a 30 days grace period before it goes belly up.

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