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SQL table reading/writing ...

  • Hi,

    is "QSqlQuery" the fastest method to read and write a small amount of data into a SQL database.

    I will read some information on a sql database and will send back the results via ssl connection to a connected client. Also I will write sensor datas from the client into the database.

    Is QSQLQuery the best way for this ?

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  • It's the only way to do it through the Qt framework.

  • @Ritchie

    Be aware that your "bottleneck" will not be the size of the "small" data packets you read/write but rather the number of distinct calls to SQL you issue. If there is anything you can do to "group"/"amalgamate" the data to reduce the number of calls that will have the biggest performance gain, though your logic/requirements may not allow you to do this.

  • Thanks for this Information.
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